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Catia V5 Courses

Pisces Education offers catia V5 course to help u build your career in field of mechanical and cadd. Our Course is designed by a professional and we are focusing the current market requirements. At Pisces education we provide professional classes for Catia V5 (best software for 3D Mechanical design).All mechanical complies, motor companies bottle manufacturing companies etc use Catia v5. Pisces education is one of the reputed institute for catia V5 training in south delhi. We provide Catia V5 courses for working professionals also and classes are provided by Industry Professionals.

What is CATIA?

CATIA - which stands for Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application - is the most powerful and widely used CAD (computer aided design) software of its kind in the world. CATIA is owned/developed by Dassault Systems of France and until 2010, was marketed worldwide by IBM.

Who uses CATIA?

An easier question to answer might be, who doesn't use CATIA? Look around you. Anything and everything you see had to be designed before it could be manufactured. The pen on your desk, your desk, the chair you're sitting in, your appliances, your automobile, etc. The list is almost endless. Today, nearly all products are designed on computers. Computers are even designed on computers. CATIA plays a major role in the design process. Architects are now using CATIA. The great Guggenheim Museum in Spain, considered an architectural masterpiece, was designed using CATIA.

CATIA is used by the automotive and aerospace industries for automobile and aircraft product and tooling design. There are thousands of companies the world over using CATIA.  For every company that uses CATIA for product design, there are hundreds of suppliers to those companies that also use CATIA.

CATIA is found in a variety of industries throughout the world. Some of these industries include; Aerospace, Appliances, Architecture, Automotive, Construction, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Medical, Furniture, Machinery, Mold and Die, and Shipbuilding.

CATIA has played a major role in NASA's design of the Space Shuttle. The military - working with private industry - - uses CATIA for the design of "jet-fighter" aircraft, aircraft carriers, helicopters, tanks and various other forms of weaponry.

Where is CATIA used?

CATIA is used throughout the North American and European continents, as well as Australia.  Wherever companies are engaged in the design and/or manufacture of products of any kind, CATIA can usually be found. Many CATIA operators travel throughout the US and abroad on so-called "paid" vacations by accepting CATIA design positions in whichever area of the country or world they wish to visit.

What job opportunities are there?

With more and more companies adopting CATIA as their primary CAD system, there are never enough designers (with CATIA knowledge) to fill the world-wide demand.