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About Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere is a professional video editing software used by millions of video editors. In today's world, video contents are everywhere, and you will be shocked to know that the most desired career option in India is to become a YouTuber. Thus, you can see how much demand there is for video content editors. With the rapid growth of video content, it is important for you to get skilled in a tool that has a very good demand in the market. And learning demanding tools like Adobe Premiere becomes a profitable deal for freshers and students. So, in this article, we will discuss the History of Adobe Premiere Pro, how it came to the market, and become famous. Other than that we will also discuss the features and the future scope after learning this video editing tool. 

History of Premiere Pro 

The first version of Adobe Premiere was developed by the famous product-based company named Adobe Systems back in 1991. Premiere's first version for Mac was released in 1991, whereas the Windows version was released in September 1993. However, Adobe Premiere had some limitations on its own like the limitation of processing video and images that were 1024 pixels wide. So, that's why a rewritten version came into the market which literally shook the future of video editing. Adobe Premiere Pro was launched in 2003 with advanced features and all the bugs fixed. No sooner was it found in the market, but it became a great hit and today we all know how Premiere Pro is dominating the market. 

Features and Benefits of Learning Premiere Pro 

Used by video makers in Hollywood, this tool allows you to do a bunch of different things but its main benefits lie in its rich features and smooth editing experience. The key benefits of using Premiere Pro are as follows:

• Responsive Interface: One of the key features of Adobe Premiere Pro is its rich and responsive interface. Adobe Engineers designed the tool in such a way that users don't face any difficulty using this. And the responsiveness is getting better and better with newer updates. 

• Multiple File format support: Another key feature of Premiere Pro is that it supports almost all native video formats which makes users' work simple. Otherwise, users have to convert the video into the desired format, but fortunately, that is not the case. 

• Hassle-Free Editing: If you want a hassle-free editing experience then Adobe Premiere Pro has the feature. Because now you can work on multiple projects at the same time without any delay in work. You can now easily add clips and scenes as many as you want without any lag. 

• Transitions and Effects: Premiere Pro has a rich effect library filled with pre-installed effects. You can experience smooth transitions along with awesome video effects. That takes the software to a whole new level because this is the most essential features that editors look for in an editing tool. 

However, there are other key features like the Motion Graphics Template, VR editing, and Direct publishing which make this tool so unique on its own. Hence Learning best Online or Offline Video Editing Course in Delhi South such as Premiere Pro Classes will benefit you a lot.

Career Opportunities After Learning Premiere Pro Training Course

An average video editor earns nearly around $50,000 a year. So, as you can see there are a hell lot of opportunities if you are a skilled video editor. You can work as a Motion Graphics Artist where you will create 2D and 3D animations with the help of Premiere Pro. You can also become a Social Media Vlogger, which is a great career opportunity in today's world. Other than that, you can work at News channels as a Video Editor. And once you master this tool, you can even train students and also work as a freelancer. So Search today for the Best Premiere Pro Training Course in Delhi for entering this booming industry of video editing. 

How Pisces Education Can Help You Join the best Premiere Pro Classes in Delhi ? 

Look, you understood that you need to learn the Premiere Pro tool but if you are an absolute beginner then you might find difficulties learning this tool. That's why Pisces Institute came up with the most affordable Premiere Pro Classes in Delhi South at Kalkaji nearby Nehru Place, Sangam Vihar, Khanpur, Greater Kailash and Okhla where teachers will guide you in detail about the tool and its features. You will learn practically step by step and master the tool within months. We also provide placement assistance to our students, so if you are really serious about your career then we are always ready to guide you. So, join the Best Premiere Pro Institute today and become a skilled Premiere Video Editor and shape your career. 

Adobe Premiere FAQs:

• What are the opportunities if I work as a Freelancer After Completing my Classes ? 

A: There are a lot of opportunities if you work as a freelancer. You can do YouTube video editing, can create your own identity, can do Wedding Video Editing, or can work as a freelancer. 

• I Want to Become a Social Media Influencer, How Can this Course Help Me ? 

A: If you know video editing in-depth, then surely premiere pro course will be beneficial for you because you don't need to hire any other person. Rather you can edit your videos as well as you want. 

• How Much Time Do I Need to Become a Video Editor ? 

A: Well, if you enroll for the Premiere Pro training course in Delhi at Pisces Institute, you can learn professional video editing within 1 month. 

• Can I Attend Offline Classes ? 

A: Yes, definitely. We have a high-tech lab facility made especially for students. So, you are always welcome to attend the offline sessions at our institute in Kalkaji.  

• There are Other Good Institutes in the Market, Why Should I Join Pisces ? 

A: Because Pisces Education not only uplifts your skills, mentors also teach you the process and learn how to deal with the problems whenever you are facing. 

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