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Catia Training Institute in Delhi / Catia Courses in Delhi

Are you searching the best Online Catia training Institute in delhi, then we at Pisces Education offers you the most advanced Catia Courses from industry experts in Delhi. We hava also developed the advanced syllabus for Catia Classes and this course is designed specially for mechanical, aerospace and automobile field students and professionals. We have also started Catia V5 training Courses in Delhi Online so you can join as per your requirements. 

Why to Join Catia Training Courses in Delhi at Pisces Education

Till date we have already trained more than 3000 professionals at this Catia training Institute in Delhi and more than 2200 professionals are already placed in the industry. We at Pisces Education mainly focuses on the Quality of teaching. The duration of this Catia training course Online or Offline is of 2 Months.

What is Catia

Catia ( Computer aided three dimention interactive application ) is the most advanced 3D paramertic modelling software for Mechanical and Automobile Industry. Almost all kind of Automobile companies in the world uses Catia V5/V6 software for 3D CAD design research and development such as BMW, Porsche, Honda, Audi, Bentley Motors, Renault, Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Skoda Auto, Fiat, Tata Motors, Mahindra Ltd, etc.

What is the Future of Catia Software

The Future of this Catia V5 software is very bright because this is the most powerful 3D CAD modeling tools available in the automobile and aerospace industry. This is a very high end software for advanced professional users. Catia software is best for surface modeling hence any company where surface modeling is more preffered then they will definately prefer Catia among other. The demand is rapidly increasing for Automobile and aerospace industry and will definately also increase in future hence you can also expect the good growth for catia V5 in future. You can bright your career in 3D mechanical industry by joining our advanced Catia training Courses in Delhi.  

Advantage & Disadvantage of Catia

Before starting this Online or Classroom Catia V5 Course in Delhi we would also like to disscuss some Advantages and disadvantages of Catia Software :

Advantages :

Catia V5/V6 is the most advanced 3D CAD software for Mechanical Industry.

Catia V5/V6 is the best Surface Modeling tool available in the industry.

Catia V5/V6 is widely used in Automobile and Areospace Sector.

Catia V5/V6 has lots of workbenches for everything you need in mechanical designing.

Catia V5/V6 is much better in organising the structure of your mechanical model.

Catia V5/V6 is preferred by big multinational companies.

Disadvantages :

Catia V5/V6 is much more expensive than other softwares available for Mechanical designing.

Catia V5/V6 does not offer user friendly interface to work.

Catia V5/V6 is a complex software as compared with other 3D Mechanical CAD softwares.

Catia V5/V6 is expensive so small companies cannot afford this software.

Who Can Join Catia Training Courses

Catia V5 / V6 is the most important 3D CAD software for Mechanical Engineers. So Engineering Students or working Professionals in the field of Mechanical & Automobile sector can join Catia Course to boost there 3D CAD Modeling skills. Other Design Engineers can also learn Catia Course as per the requirements. Freelancers working for Mechanical Industry can also join this Catia institute in delhi. Pisces Education provides Catia Classes in Delhi mainly to give the unique skills,that needed to get a job as a 3D Mechanical Designer. Students will learn how to draw and design 3D Mechancal CAD Models.

The details of Catia training Course in South Delhi at Pisces Education is as following :

Catia V5:

Normal Track : 2 Months or Fast Track : 1 Month

This Catia course in South Delhi suits the needs of Mechanical designing industry. This will be especially useful for 3D Mechanical product design. The purpose of this course is to enable students to be a topnotch in Mechanical designing . This will bring adequate knowledge to the Mechanical engineers, how to work with Catia in the 3D Design  industry. The details of this course is as following:

  • Introduction
  • Catia User Interface
  • Creating Sketches
  • Sketched Features
  • Basic Features (Part Design)
  • Dress-Up Features (Part Design)
  • Duplicating Features (Part Design)
  • Editing Features (Part Design)
  • Additional Features (Part Design)
  • Assembling Components
  • Positioning Components
  • Editing Parts in Assembly
  • Exploding the Assembly
  • Product Modeling, Drafting
  • Generative & Interactive Drafting
  • Wireframe & Surface Design
  • Sheet Metal Design
  • Generative Shape Design
  • Simulation & DMU Kinematics
  • DMU Generic Animation
  • DMU Space Analysis
  • DMU Viewing, Analysis
  • Working with Mesh
  • Define Restraint
  • Applying Load
  • Additional Features
  • Analysis Tools, Image
  • Hands On (Practice for Analysis)
  • Real Time Rendering
  • Photo Studio


Learning Objective for Catia Training

After completing Online or Offline Catia training at our Institute in south delhi at Kalkaji students will be able to create high quality 3D mechanical models. Catia will also help in creating effective solid modeling as this software is best for creating solid models. Students will also get proficient in creating 3D surface models along with sheet metal. This Catia V5 / V6 Software will also helps in assembling of different 3D models into one model. 

System Requirement for Catia Training

For starting training on this Catia software you should have a good configured system with you so that you can do pactice at your home or office after the classes. Before joining catia training make sure you have a good processor with ram not less than 8 gb and also a good graphic card not less than 2 gb. If you have SSD hard disk then that will be a plus point in improving the performance and speed of your system.

Scope After Completing Catia Course

After successfully completing your Catia Course Online or Offline at pisces education you will be elegible to join the top leading mechanical designing companies not only in india as well as in abroad as catia is very famous worldwide. You can also join the top leading automobile and aerospace companies in india and abroad. You can also work as a freelancer for creating 3D Mechanical CAD models for this Industry. Also after completing the course we will also help you with placement assistence so that you can get placed with the leading companies.


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