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Graphic & Website Designing

Learn Graphic and Web Designing Diploma for best Career Growth

Graphic and Web Designing both are the fastest and well established industry in todays world. You can get handsome salary packages after completing this Graphic and Web Designing Diploma in South Delhi at Pisces Education. There is very good demand for these designers these days thats why this diploma is highly recommended for you to join for career growth. 

Diploma in Graphic & Web Designing :

Duration Normal Track : 8 Months       or      Fast Track : 4 Months

This is the diploma tailored by the best people from the market so that students can get up to date information in this Graphic and Website design field. This is best for every individual and student who are interested in these best growing sector. 

Ist Module : Graphic or Advertising Designing

In this Advertising design module we will teach you how to make designs for advertising and print media. You will get trained with all the latest tools used for designs which are available in the industry. Publishing design works will also be added in this section.

2nd Module : Website Designing

This will cover the detail information on how to create websites with best quality using all the latest tools and software which are being used in the industry in todays time. Many new things are being added day by day in the industry.

Softwares & Tools Used :

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