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AutoCAD (2D & 3D)

Best AutoCAD Training Course in Kalkaji by Pisces Education

One of the CAD (Computer Aided Design) and drafting tools that changed the way of designing is AutoCAD by Autodesk Inc. Released back in 1982, AutoCAD is the first tool that made the revolution in the designing field with its advanced CAD features. If you talk about the current scenario, today AutoCAD is a big name and every Industry uses this tool and even it is also included in the Architectural and Engineering syllabus as a subject, So learning this vital tool also has become important for us. So, here we will discuss History, Features, Career opportunities, and required steps you need to take to become a skilled AutoCAD designer. 


Before Starting AutoCAD Training Course you should be aware of its history first. AutoCAD has an interesting History to share, AutoCAD was actually derived from a program that began in 1977. Now you will wonder that we have discussed earlier that AutoCAD was released in 1982, so which one's true? Actually, in 1979 it was first released in the name Interact CAD by Autodesk cofounder Michael Riddle but that was not the version of AutoCAD. Originally the first version came into the market in 1982 led by John Walker and his team. It was considered the first official version of AutoCAD i.e. AutoCAD v1.0.

Versions of AutoCAD

As you might have guessed that the first version of AutoCAD was released back in 1982 and later on every year new modifications were made and released. However, in the 16.2 version (2005) AutoCAD introduced the Dynamic block function and in the 17.1 version (2008) AutoCAD first introduced Annotative objects. As years passed by AutoCAD upgraded its functionalities and currently it is running on version 24.2. 
There is a famous product of Autodesk Inc. known as 'AutoCAD LT' or AutoCAD Liter version where you can do all the basic things possible at the original version. It's the first AutoCAD Lite version that came into the market back in 1993.

Features and Benefits for Learning AutoCAD Course in Kalkaji

AutoCAD definitely makes your design process easier with its cool features like:

• Easy Layout and Viewing: One of the most important features of AutoCAD is definitely its ease of view feature in complicated designs it becomes hard to zoom in or out and do other stuff but in AutoCAD, you can easily view and design layouts. 

• Draw to Scale: AutoCAD allows you to draw to scale, which means you can draw a model at 1:1 scale or do any modifications accordingly. This feature allows you to determine the actual size of the product that you are drawing, so you can adjust the sizes accordingly. 

•Reduce Risk of Error: With the help of the AutoCAD tool, you can easily adjust your drawings. You can also create quick drawings with the help of the tools. When you are using the tool the margin for error also reduces and thus you get an accurate and precise measurement. The interface is also easy to navigate so it automatically reduces the chances of error and speeds up your design process. Thus it is highly recommended for students to join AutoCAD training Course in Kalkaji Near Nehru Place at Pisces Education.  

Career Opportunities After Finishing AutoCAD Classes in Kalkaji

AutoCAD is the most demanding skill in the design and architecture Industry. If you are planning to Join AutoCAD Classes in Kalkaji then becoming a skilled AutoCAD designer then there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you, some of them are:

• Mechanical Engineer: In the mechanical engineering Industry, AutoCAD is a necessary tool to know. So if you are a skilled AutoCAD designer and you have an Engineering or Diploma degree then you can work as a mechanical engineer in top industries and government sectors. 

• Fashion Designer: Another career option is open for you as a fashion designer if you learn this tool in depth. You will create innovative designs, patterns, and styles as a designer with the help of AutoCAD. You can also get opportunities to work with top brands like Zara, LV, H&M, and more as fashion designers. 

• Interior Designer: You can work as an Interior designer and do floor planning, plotting, and viewing with the help of the AutoCAD tool. There is a huge scope in interior designing if you know AutoCAD functionalities and have a creative mind. 

There are other opportunities in Civil Engineering if you are a skilled AutoCAD designer. You can also work as a freelancer and post your gigs and get good project work. 

Certification Training Course in AutoCAD (2D & 3D)

Following is the detailed syllabus for AutoCAD Course at Pisces Education in Kalkaji : 

Normal Track Duration : 2 Months      or      Fast Track Duration : 1 Month

This AutoCAD Classes are crafted for those students who wants to learn computer aided designing or drafting instead of doing manually on sheets. The AutoCAD Training in Kalkaji covers both 2d and 3d modules with detailed project work. Designers, architects, engineers and professionals all uses this software as per there requirements. Following is the content of syllabus which we cover in  AutoCAD Course :

Module 1 :  AutoCAD (2D)

  • Introduction
  • Using AutoCAD Interface
  • Creating geometry
  • Setting up layout for Drafting
  • Drawings fundamental
  • Snap working
  • Different drawings properties
  • Working with commands
  • Modifying objects
  • Text Creation
  • Dimension
  • Use of layers
  • Layouting
  • Data Presentation
  • Object annotations
  • Attributes designing
  • Managing block
  • How to check skills
  • Add callouts
  • Learning External References
  • Drawing Plot and Print
  • Incorporating Image
  • Linking with other drawing
  • Share of data with other files
  • AutoCAD 2D Projects
Module 2 :  AutoCAD (3D)
  • Introduction to 3D
  • Drawing Isometric Views
  • Setup of 3D view
  • How to change viewport
  • Making Elevation
  • Creating thickness of model
  • Modify and Edit models 
  • Solid piramative
  • Operating basic 3D
  • Learning Visual Styles
  • 3D model Making
  • Modification of 3D objects
  • Applying Materials
  • Mapping work
  • Lighting 
  • Camera Animation
  • 3D Surface Work
  • Rendering
  • Drawing Importing and Exporting
  • AutoCAD 3D Projects


Why to Choose this AutoCAD Training Institute in Kalkaji ? 

If you are really serious about landing a high-package job or developing an in-demand skill then Pisces Education is there for you to choose as the best AutoCAD Institute in Kalkaji. We have taught over 3500+ students since 2007 and many students are currently placed in top MNCs as AutoCAD designers. We design the curriculum so that every student can understand the concepts very easily. Our mentors guide students to become good AutoCAD designers and evaluate them by giving them projects and taking tests. This way Pisces Education provides the best AutoCAD Training in Kalkaji and Nehru Place.



• Will I get an AutoCAD Course Certification from Pisces ? 

A: Yes, definitely. You will get a certificate upon successful completion of the AutoCAD Course. 

• How much time will it take to complete AutoCAD Training ? 

A: It takes around 2-3 months to complete the entire AutoCAD Training Course in Kalkaji. 

• Do Pisces Education offer Placement After Completing AutoCAD Classes ? 

A: As we are there in the market since 2007, so we have specific tie-ups with the placement Companies. So, we don't provide direct placements but we provide 100% placement assistance to our students after completing AutoCAD Classes in Kalkaji at Pisces Education. 

• For Installing AutoCAD What Configurations should I have in My Laptop ? 

A: Older Versions of AutoCAD software requires at least 4GB of RAM to start. However, 8GB RAM is recommended for the latest AutoCAD softwares. 

• What are the Alternatives to AutoCAD ? 

A: There are many alternatives to AutoCAD named FreeCAD, SketchUp, NanoCAD, BricsCAD, etc but AutoCAD is the most used tool in the Industry. 

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