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Graphic Designing

Best Graphic Design Training Institute in South Delhi | Graphic Designing Course in South Delhi

If you are searching online for the best Graphic Design training Institute Near Me then this is a very useful page for you to get the maximum knowledge about Graphic Designing Course in South Delhi at Pisces Education available at affordable fee. All Classes are practically updated and covers latest trending topics. Graphic Design Courses Online are also Available.

What is Graphic Designing ?  

Graphic Designing is generally referred to as the core of designing fundamentals. If we mention Graphic designing, then we are referring to a vast area of designing. If we talk about the general definition of Graphic design then we can say that Graphic designing is a way of expressing your thoughts and creativity in a digital form which is the best way possible version of your visual thoughts. Graphic design can be performed in different areas like branding, artistic drawing, 2D and 3D video editing, and much more. So, let's explore the field of Graphic design. 

What is the History of Graphic Design ? 

If we talk about the history and evolution of Graphic design then we have to go back to 15000 BC when the first known visual communication arose. The pictures and symbols on the caves started the path of graphic designing. Then came the concept of printing back in 105 AD and till 1530 printer fonts and illustrations came into the market. Then came the great Industrial Revolution in the 1760s which started a new age for graphic design. Innovation kept happening and designs became more and more advanced in that era. Lastly in the 1900s, the growth of advertising and logo designing become the trend and Graphic designing exploded and reached a new height. So the evolution was not of yesterday's, it took time and effort to reach the level we are at now. Talking about today, in every business graphic designing is a must to have sector, and day by day it evolved so much that the digital form of art is now the trend of graphic designing. 

What are the Benefits of Learning Graphic Design Course in Delhi ? 

As you might have guessed now, graphic designing is a topic of its own. So talking about the characteristics of graphic design will take so much of time, but some of the key features and benefits that graphic design offers are:

• Templates: Creating something unique with graphic design requires way much creativity and that is the reason there is some graphic designing software that makes your work easy with predefined templates. So, now you don't have to build your design from absolute scratch, instead, you can modify and edit your designs in one go. 

• Collaboration Tools: Talking about today's time, there is plenty of graphic designing software that allows you to save images in the cloud and edit them in real-time. You can store those images and your works on the cloud which means your team member can also have access to that files and you both can do the work simultaneously. This makes the whole project quick and easy. 

• The Big Picture: Graphic designing is all about creativity. The more creative you are, the more professional your works are. That's why it is important for you to look at the bigger picture and the scope that graphic design can bring you. With the latest software and designing methods, it is now easy to scale up your works and a lot of platforms like OpenSea, Shutterstock, iStock, and many more companies encourage you to submit your designs and earn royalty from them.

Graphic Design Course in Delhi South by Pisces Education will be covering these advanced features in detail in the syllabus.

Why New NFT Trending in Graphic Design ? 

As you may have heard about the terms Bitcoin and the Metaverse that are roaming around the internet, you must know about the NFT trend that is going on right now. NFT is a Unique Digital Art that you can sell digitally. After the NFT trend, Graphic designers are actually in great demand because the more creative you are, the more work will get famous. There is a great opportunity as this is just in the early stage. So, if you don't know anything about Graphic design then also you need not worry because you can practice and become better and better. So, dive into the world of NFTs and share your designs with the millions. 

Why there is a Need for Graphic Designers Everywhere ?

Graphic Designing is not just about making things look good, it's more about solving problems and communicating ideas through visual solutions. A skilled Graphic designer always understands the need of Clients and work on them accordingly. Skilled Graphic Designer is also good communicator as well because they have to take continuous feedback on their designs. A Graphic Designer also needs to be proficient in choosing the right color combination and using the right typography, composition, and imagery to create designs that will meet those needs. 

What Salary can be Expected after Completing Graphic Design Classes Near Me ?

The job market for Graphic Designers is expected to grow in the coming years due to the increasing demand for designing platforms and digital print media. Every Startup or Organization needs a Designing team and that's why the demand for Graphic Designers will always be there. The average salary of a Graphic Designer is $50,000 which is way more than an engineer' Salary in our country. So, the scope is always there for creative Designers and along with that, it is very important for you to note that if you are looking to start your design career then with the right training and experience, you can turn your passion into a fulfilling and lucrative career option. 

Thus don’t waste the opportunities to become a successful graphic designer. Join Diploma in Graphic Design today by searching simply for Graphic Design Classes near me. You can also consider Pisces Education for joining best Graphic Design Courses.

What are the Career Opportunities After Completing Graphic Design Courses in Delhi ? 

If you talk about the career opportunity then you must have guessed now that Graphic designing is a big industry on its own. So, if you are really good at it then there are lots of amazing opportunities that are opened for you. Some of them are 3D Designers where you will be designing 3D art, and Video game designers where you will be designing awesome game graphics. Other opportunities also include Industrial Designer, Design Technologist, Art Director, Concept Artist, and much more opportunities are there. This is the reason why Graphic Design Courses are in huge demand.

What Students can Expect from This Graphic Designing Institute in South Delhi ?   

If you are excited enough to learn the art of graphic designing then we have a solution for you. Pisces Education is Considered as the most trusted Graphic Design Training  Institute in South Delhi. Pisces Education is launching the most demanded Graphic design course after 12th class which students can join who are genuinely interested in building their careers as graphic designers. Mentors have structured the course in such a way that you won't face any problems regarding the curriculum. Rather you will be enjoying the course along with hands-on practices. So, join the ultimate Graphic design course and start learning with Pisces Education. If you are staying in South Delhi near Kalkaji, Nehru Place, C R Park, Okhla, Govindpuri, South Extention, Khanpur, Saket, Sangam Vihar and Badarpur or in Faridabad then Pisces Education will be the best option for you to join or you can also search online for Graphic Design institute this will give you many options near to your place. 

Details of Graphic Designing training Course by Pisces Education is as following :


Normal Track : 4 Months or Fast Track : 2 Months

This Graphic Designing Training Course in South Delhi and Faridabad is designed for those students who loves creativity and wants to persue it as a career in this designing industry. Also Industrial designers, business persons, housewifes can also opt for this creative program according to there requirements. Following are the advanced topics covered in our classes :

  • Introduction
  • Graphic Design History
  • About Colour theory
  • digital paintings
  • Image Crop and resize
  • Color Correction
  • Improving Photo Quality
  • Image Restore and retouch
  • Composite image Creations
  • Effects
  • About File Formats
  • Learning Typography
  • Logos
  • Brochures
  • Making Posters
  • Digital Illustrations
  • Visiting Cards
  • Packaging Designs
  • Creating Banners & Magzines
  • Environmental Designs
  • Corporate Designs Creations 
  • About Editorial Designs
  • Information & Books Designs
  • Making Brochures & Annual Reports
  • Interactive PDF Documents
  • Publication Designs

Softwares Used


Q. Is Graphic designing hard to learn as a beginner ?
A. No, graphic designing is not that hard. You just need proper guidance and you should practice enough to skill graphic design. 

Q. What qualities should a good graphic designer have ? 

A. A good graphic designer should be able to express their works in such a way that their designs communicate the brand's vision and also solve practical problems. 

Q. What is the average salary of a skilled graphic designer in India ?
A. There's a huge scope for you if you are a good graphic designer. An average skilled graphic designer earns around 4-10LPA. If you are good enough, then it may go up to 15-18LPA as well. 

Q. What softwares do Graphic Designers use ? 

A. Graphic designers commonly use Adobe Creative Suite which includes Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw and InDesign. Along with that they also use Canva. 

Q. Is degree necessary to become a Graphic Designer ? 

A. While a degree in Graphic design can be helpful but it is not always necessary. Many successful Graphic Designers have learned this skill without having a degree in Graphic Design or related domains. 

Q. How long does it takes to become a Graphic Designer ? 

A. Well if you are learning by yourself then it definitely will take time to master as there is no one to guide you through the process. But if you are learning Graphic Designing training Course through Pisces Education or some other institute then mentors will cover the topic within 3-4 months with projects. 


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