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Unigraphics NX Training Courses in South Delhi at Pisces Education

Best Unigraphics NX Training Institute in Delhi / Unigraphics NX Courses in Delhi

Are you seaching the best Unigraphics NX training Institute in Delhi Online then Pisces Education will be the best choice for you to join Unigraphics NX Courses. This is because we have the most advanced and professional trainers to provide training on Unigraphics NX with the most advanced syllabus developed by best professionals from the industry. You can also opt for Unigraphics NX training Courses Online. 

Why You Should Join Unigraphics NX Training Courses in Delhi at Pisces Education

More than Thousands of students have already completed classes on Unigraphics NX CAD from us till date and many of them are successfully placed with the top level companies in India and Abroad. Pisces Education Provides best Unigraphics training in delhi. All Classes are practical and are conducted by professionals. This centre is known as the finest Unigraphics institute in delhi. Our Unigraphics NX courses in Delhi syllabus is the best in the industry. We are situated in South delhi. Online classes are also available for Unigraphics or NX CAD training in Delhi. Pisces Education is the No.1 Unigraphics NX training institute in Delhi. We have specially designed 2 Months professional course in Unigraphics NX for students and professionals in the field of mechanical CAD designing and engineering. 

What is Unigraphics NX

Unigraphics NX or NX CAD is a leading CAD / CAM / CAE system based on the best technologies for creating products of any complexity. The main objective of the system ultimately is to reduce the cost of creating products, improve its quality and reducing time to market. This enables companies to quickly return the investment spent on the purchase and implementation of Unigraphics NX. Unigraphics NX also gives you the power, flexibility, and ground breaking technology to dramatically boost your design productivity effectively. NX CAD or Unigraphics NX has direct compitition with Catia, Creo and Inventor.

Importance of Unigraphics NX

Unigraphics NX or NX CAD helps you in computer aided designing (CAD) , Computer aided manufacturing (CAM) and also Computer aided engineering (CAE) process of the product. It helps you with the designig of Parametric surface and solid modeling. Also by using machine modules designers and engineers can do Manufacturing designing. Engineering Analysis and designing can also be done with the help of NX CAD software. 

History of Unigraphics NX

Unigraphics NX or NX CAD is a advanced CAD / CAM / CAE design software which was first launched in 1972 by United computing Inc. and its first version was released in 1973. In 1976 United Computing Inc. was aquired by Mcdonnell Douglas Corporation. Medonnell Douglas Corporation releases many versions after that and in 1991 due to some financial problem Mcdonnell Douglas Corporation sold off its Ungrahics software to General Motors ( GM ). With time many advanced features were added in the software and in the year 2002 NX version was launched with more advanced features. In the year 2007 Siemens PLM Software puchased NX and till date they have launched many advanced versions of NX CAD. From Start and till theDate total of 46 versions have been launched of Unigraphics or NX.


Normal Track : 2 Months            Fast Track : 1 Month

This Unigraphics NX CAD course in Delhi suits the needs of Mechanical designing industry. The purpose of this course is to enable students to use unigraphics software for the designs . This will bring adequate knowledge to the Mechanical engineers, how to work with Unigraphics NX in the 3D Design industry. The details of this course is as following :


  • How to Start NX ?
  • Studying Different Environment in NX
  • Various Toolbars
  • Setting Work Area Colour Scheme
  • Introduction to Dialog Boxex
  • Hotkeys
  • Drawing Sketches
  • To Shetch and Modify Different Entities
  • Zooming and Planning Sketches
  • Invoking the Assembly Module Using Selection Methods
  • Using Snap Options
  • Adding Geometric and Dimensional Constraints to Sketches
  • Measuring Distance Between Sketched Entities
  • Solid Modeling
  • Concept of Solid Modeling
  • Use of Datum Planes, Axis and Points
  • Creating Different features on Base Module
  • Advance Modeling Tool – 1
  • Editing Feature
  • Advanced Modeling Tool –
  • Assembly Modeling
  • Invoking the Assembly Module
  • Approaches of Assembly Drawing
  • Applying Assembly Constraints to Components
  • Top-Down Assembly Approach
  • Modifying Assembly Constraints
  • Checking Interference, Clearence and Analyzing
  • Surface Modeling
  • Understanding Sheet Metal Environment
  • Applying Extrude and Revolved Features
  • Creating a Surface using through Curve Tools
  • Creating and Sided Surface
  • Creating Curves from Bodies
  • Creating Features like Dart, Embossing, Face Blend, Fillet, Bridge
  • Drafting and Detailing
  • Invoking Drafting Environment
  • Invoking the Different Tempeletes in Drawing
  • Applying Section View Like Full, Half, Revolved, Break out Section
  • Manipulating the Drawing View
  • Generating Parts List and Associative Balloons in An Assembly
  • Printing and Potting Options
  • Core Cavity Extraction
  • Finding out the Core and Cavity for any Component



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